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Truly Monumental
Self-Winding Hall Clock

After consulting with several experts on the Self Winding Clock Co. of Brooklyn, NY, the conclusion is that this is a circa 1915 clock that is most likely "One of a Kind". This one was probably a special order for an elite customer or for the SWCCo's showroom floor to show what the Self Winding Clock Co. was capable of. The company was know for custom orders, but this one, a masterpiece of both workmanship and technology for the time, was a real feat for the engineers at the co., and the cost to engineer this one was probably astronomical. Measures 93 1/2" in height.

Here are some details on the mechanics of the clock:

  • For timekeeping, the clock is equipped with a rare Astronomical Regulator grade jeweled Type "A" rotary wind movement. It has both front and rear jeweled escape wheel pivot holes and jeweled pallets. The movement is immaculate. The pendulum is, of course, mercury.
  • The lower movements are modified Type "F" self winders. These are used to control the striking and chiming on 5 tubes electromagnetically. Each are etched and lacquered, along with the massive brass skeleton and standoffs (infrastructure) all the movements are mounted to. Each bears an engraved silver plate designating the function. These are connected to a series of electromagnetic hammers mounted above and behind the 70ish lb. bonnet/hood. A similar set up was done at the Chicago Expo by SWCCo.
  • The museum quality case is of oak, and is spectacular with its huge columns and beautiful hand carvings. It does have a couple condition issues such as a split in the lower panel, several chips and scratches, but these really do not detract. The glass is beveled and all appears to be original. The dial is in excellent condition and has a monogramed circular plate at the top. Can't really make out the initials.

The Ultimate Self Winder!

68” (Seth Thomas)
Eco Magneto Clock Co.
60 Beat No.1 Regulator

This is a Huge and Outstanding Seth Thomas Regulator! Unlike the 80 beat which do show up occasionally, the 60 beat is much more rare. There are approximately only 3–4 of these clocks known to exist today.  Not sure about the other 3 or 4, but this one is 100% original, glass and all! This is truly a fabulous piece of clock history, seldom seen.

The Eco Magneto Clock Company is best known for its electrical watchman’s recording system, which they added to the regulator clocks they purchased from Seth Thomas.

The case is stamped 6/21/1910, Serial No. 10110. According to the factory records, it was ordered on 6/20/1910 and apparently set-up the next day!  It was originally set up for 10 stations and it came with 4 generators. The generators were little magneto-like devices that would have been carried by the watchmen around the property. The watchman would have inserted a plug at each station, spun the generator, thus sending a signal to your mechanism.  It would trigger one of the 10 wired stations in your clock and leave a perforation on a circular dial.

Records show that the case was ordered in mahogany. It was ordered with the job name, "Security Building, Main Street, Bridgeport, Conn.”  Original price was $180 dollars for this unit.

A Brief History

In 1887, George Fessenden of Boston patented a system that not only made it more difficult to send false signals, but also eliminated the battery. His system used a single wire from each station to a terminal in the central recorder, together with a common return or ground wire through all the stations back to the recorder. In most installations, this wiring scheme would effectively separate the two circuit wires, with the result that illicitly shorting the single wire for a given station to the return wire was physically difficult. The watchman carried a small magneto generator that he plugged in at each station. The idea of a portable magneto was very quickly abandoned in favor of one’s installed at each station. The watchman, on visiting a station, inserted a small crank and turned it vigorously, creating a signaling current. Leading to the Eco Magneto Clock Company. This information was obtained from, “The Watchman’s Clock in America.”

Details on the mechanics of the clock:

  • The clock is equipped with a Seth Thomas 61A seconds beat regulator movement. It has been fully serviced and is in outstanding condition. Keeps excellent time! The old brass cable has been replaced with stainless steel. The pendulum bob looks almost like new and retains its original finish as does the weight. Original pulleys too!
  • The massive 68” inch mahogany case retains its original finish (dullish). While its shows some light paint splatter and a few spots of paint for when the walls were painted around it, the case still shows great. Case measures 22 5/8” wide.
  • The clock dial has its original painted surface. It does show some crazing and paint flaking, but presents well. Hands are original to the clock.
  • To top this 100 year old beauty off, it has its original glass with a blackout center section and the company name in gold leaf. “Eco Magneto Clock Co. Boston.” Out of the three or four others that do exist, I doubt many, if any have their original glass. 
  • This Eco Magneto has a 10 station recorder that has a Seth Thomas No.10 used to drive the recording disks. There were no available 10 stations disks, so we had a graphic artist custom make our paper disks.  The No.10 movement was cleaned & oiled and looks like new. It even has original hang tag with winding instruction.

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