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Old UI Building / New Haven, Connecticut

The exterior of this clock suffered from neglect. The hands were worn down to next to nothing. We completely restored this Seth Thomas clock from the inside out. The movement was cleaned and overhauled, and we fabricated new hands. The four large dials were repainted 8 stories above the busy streets of New Haven.

Dial being restored
by Jim and Dan of
Connecticut Timekeepers.

Ansonia Library / Ansonia, Connecticut

We are in charge of maintaining this 1891 Seth Thomas mechanical clock at the Ansonia Library, soon to undergo restoration.

The movement was just restored. New bushings were manufactured and the dials were re-gilded.

Stetson House / Barre, Massachusetts

This was a collaboration project we did with clockmaker John Rives of Worcester, Massachusetts. The Stetson House in Barre, Massachusetts is a school for youths. This E. Howard time and strike was completely overhauled and its original painted surfaces were preserved. Several parts had to be fabricated to original specifications.

Clock movement before and after:

People’s Bank / Woodbridge, Connecticut

We install, maintain, and repair public and privately owned large dial outdoor clocks.

Waterbury Green / Waterbury, Connecticut

We recently repaired this gorgeous granite clock on the city green.

These drive shafts were
custom fabricated completely
in house for this job.

Seth Thomas Street Clock / Waterbury, Connecticut

Circa 1896. Located in downtown Waterbury. The movement was completely restored to its original state. Several parts had to be custom fabricated for this job.

Clock movement before and after:

E. Howard Street Clock / Worcester, Massachusetts

A joint restoration project by Connecticut Timekeepers and The Clock Man, John Rives of Worcester, Massachusetts. This clock has generated regional news. It's been posted on the front page of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and has been televised on local news.

Grace Episcopal / Middletown, NY
A lightning strike put this Verde tower clock out of commission! Several miscellaneous repairs were done and a new gear motor had to be custom fabricated. Its now back in working order.
Bell and clock movement

South Gate Condominium / Danbury, CT
Another privately owned clock. This required a simple motor replacement.

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